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Person applying for coach, official or player consideration must have the minimum requirements listed below to qualify.

If you are applying to be a volunteer you are not required for any items below with the exception of a valid ID and parental or legal guardian's approval letter if you are 17-under.

Required of All Coaches, Officials & Players:

  • Police clearance

  • ​Court clearance

  • Valid U.S. passport

  • ​Valid U.S. permanent residents card (if not a U.S. citizen)

  • Valid Guam ID or Driver's License

  • ​Proof of Residency in Guam

  • ​Valid GVBF membership


  • Must be US Citizen 

  • ​Resident of Guam of 1 year or more. Special consideration will be made for residents who are stationed or returning to Guam due to military service. Persons returning to Guam after lengthy medical or professional service abroad.

  • ​This tournament is for women-only.

  • Must be an adult or have permission of a parent or legal guardian. Players 17 and under must have a parent or legal guardian authorizing their involvement with this program. A simple letter of authorization, notarized will be sufficient.

Official Position:

  • ​GVBF and FIVB will train and certify the right individual. No previous experience is required - but recommended! 

  • Does not require U.S. citizenship, however, proof of U.S. legal status is required.

Coaching Positions:

  • ​Does not require U.S. citizenship, however, proof of U.S. legal status is required.

  • Technical coaches should have a resume of previous experience in beach volleyball as a coach or player. Special consideration will be made on a case by case basis.

  • Conditioning coaches should have at least 2-3 years in physical sports training experience or be a certified physical conditioning coach. 

  • Head coach must have at least 5 years of direct experience in beach volleyball coaching and provide evidence of experience through referral letters or endorsement from previous employer.

  • ​Send resume of qualification to : GVBF Beach Commissioner

​*Other conditions may apply. Restrictions listed here may change, be removed without notice, contact GVBF for more information. 




We will contact you for additional support documents, please have all requirements ready to be submitted no later than February 15th 2020

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